Friday, March 1, 2013

Take Part and Take Photos

Hello Bodies its me. As we all know, the end of our first week is tomorrow. I hope you guys took part and did the exercises given. I had a-lot of fun doing them seeing that I'm not the only one anymore. This is nothing but a short reminder for SUCCESS.

I came up with a idea while sitting at my computer today. We should ALL take a before photo. Having that photo cover all four turns of your body. Not so much in something revealing but in something that grabs the problem areas. It would be a great motivation and a great pressure point for the best of us. We could use that constant reminder to stay focused. But when you look back on it, there's nothing to stay focused on! You get to eat whatever you want for 2 more weeks in no judgement of the portions. Then, we slowly cut back on what we eat and eventually cut something completely out of our diets.

With that being said, let's snap a picture. Being from a cell phone or even a camera. Keep it for your records!! Also, this is a perfect time to take your weight and measurements. Bust-waist-hips-butt-and thighs.

I CREATED A CHALLENGE. Take an item from your wardrobe. Something like a t-shirt, yoga pants, shorts, but preferably a pair of pants (that are too tight or perfectly loose). Take a photo now. Let's see what changes. Keep it and submit it in July for my contest. I wanna see if progress was made! I wanna see how the works pays off.

I'll go first, me in some to tight jeans:

We all know these pants to tight! My point exactly. Now me in a skin-tight dress, with no type of curve:

Sorry they popped up side ways. At least I got my point across.

So don't be afraid to participate. Email your photos

--Kisses from Sade --