Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Good morning Bodies!  I hope you guys enjoyed your wonderful weekend. As you all may know, we have finally knocked out Week 1. Round of applause!  Now, it wasn't that hard was it. Hopely that somewhat seeked your interest and got you open far as the weeks to come. That was definitely the easiest week thus far but we only progress and get more challenged as we move along.

Week 1 Summary - I did a lot of extra eating! I pigged out almost every other day and went out to eat. I also found my self drinking a lot of water and pineapple juice. I didn't consume a lot of bread , meats nor potatoes. I did consume a lot of coffee and tv dinners as meals. I was always persistent with taking my vitamins and trying to perfect my push ups. I could've did better but I plan on stricten myself from here forward.
Overall, I accomplished the goal of gaining weight. All that I need to work on is staying set to the methods of gaining it. I'm happy with the way I'm gaining and filling in so far. Thus far, I have gained 10 pounds since the last week of Januray.
I have learned thus far, I gain weight in my waist and hips the most. My pants are actually getting too small for me and they are hugging tighter and tighter. I know this is a pro and con for me. One, because I need bigger clothes now. That has actually limited me to wearing lots and lots of jogging pants and loose fitting clothes. Two, I have weight to push in the areas I need it in the most. Along with the streching and exercises I will be set!
Well I hope that you guys have the dedication you need for Week 2! I look forward to receiving your before pictures. I look forward to answering all of your questions and being of assistance to you!
This is also a good time to invest in your Aguaje fruit powder. Pills or powder will be just fine!  If your having a problem finding the fruit powder, I will start to sell it at your convience.

I hope you guys work with me on Week 2. Best wishes!!!!!

--Kisses from Sade--

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