Friday, March 8, 2013

Bloating: Salt Is The Enemy

Morning Bodies'! Let's jump right into the topic of today. Today's topic is the insight on bloating. More than anything the enemy of sodium better known as Salt. Salt is part the wonderful world of seasonings. It hides in many of foods, enhancing the flavor beyond our taste buds. So, why must it be so bad for us?

Salt must be taken in consideration when we diet. When we get bloated from salt its all of the excess creating a fluid build-up. That later or immediately gives us a very uncomfortable feeling. That's because it has raised our blood volume with makes our heart work harder than before. It's unhealthy to consume too much salt. It's best we shape the intake of it wise. This can later save us the chances of high blood pressure and diabetes.

We are generally advised to take a heaping 2,300 milligrams of sodium. For the older people that have already been affected by its effects, should think about nothing more than 1,200 milligrams. With disciplining the dosages and a couple other factors, we can reduce or even eliminate bloating itself!

So what else can we do ? Drink water! Chug it down and worry about catching your breath later. Drinking water cleanses our insides, flushes out all the unwanted materials and also hydrates. Sodium actually dehydrates our bodies, so you can see why water can attack that factor. Why not grab a banana every once in a while. Anything that is rich with potassium balances our sodium intakes. Elevate your legs throughout the day to allow circulation and flow of the blood in the lower region. Eat vitamin rich foods so you eliminate bloating due to water retention.

See how just simple little things we eat factor our appearance tremendously. Try it and see how much the bloating goes away .If your already a low-sodium in-taker, then your one step ahead of the pack. Keep up with the good work and encourage your loved ones the same. It never hurts to support our inner circles.

I hope your Week 2 was great!! Mines surely was. Don't forget to vote on my NEW polls. I need some direction on where to take you guys next. What should my first video be about, and what do you have trouble finding the most. Once, again enjoy your day and I'll catch you guy back here tomorrow. Just for a heads up, you all get a chance to see my drawing skills, and exactly what I want to look like this June !!

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