This is my introductory to finding out about all the people that are part of my blog. I'm looking for people that have a similar interest in making their own bodies transform into a fantasy. I believe that this is also a way of breaking the ice for people are "shy" or "afraid" to participate in such a subject, so I'm one of the main people who is willing to help out others.

With that in mind, I came up with the "MISSION United" page to encourage people to join in on the topics. I'm looking for people who are willing to share advice and methods that they have used with the other B.B.Dreamers. This is for people to become social with comments and targets they are trying to reach. Together we can find out what works and what doesn't, BUT participation and feedback is needed. With that said, lets get started! Hey, I'll even go first

My name is Sadies. I'm looking to change my entire body. My skin, my hair, my shape and more importantly, my bottom. I have a very nice skin tone but from the sun and activities I have lots of scars. I want a smooth and solid light caramel complexion. Next, I want long thick and shiny hair. I'm an African American female and they say it is very hard for us to grow long pretty hair. I have found this statement very false. Then, I would like to enhance my body. I want a curvy body with nice full hips, killer arch and a nice fat booty. I'm looking to gain somewhere to 7" in my butt area and lose 5" in my waist. (My measurements aren't taken yet ) What I'm looking for is a model-type body shape. I already have a nice set of boobs, relatively a very blessed set. I'm talking milk jugs, 38DDD....with no booty to match.

I have set to a couple methods thus far and I was wondering if you guys wanted know the scoop......


Participation Please......don't be shy. Say something about yourself, what you expect and what you have as of know.