Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Week 3: Butt & Thighs + Hips

This week we are still working on the Butt and Thighs , but we are adding the Hips also! So let's get to spreading these babies more and more this week ;)

Monday, March 11,2013- Wednesday, March 13,2013:
*2 sets of 50 crunches
*40 Squats
*60 standing Knee-High Marches( As if you in the marching band. March in place and bend those knees to the chest. Do each leg 30 times.
*15 Standing kickbacks
*10 Swing Kicks
*10 Sumo-Squats ( A wider version of a regular squat. Stand straight up and step far out. Bend deep into squat and stand back up in standing position)
Maiden's Sitting ( Sit on the floor. Sit Indian style or how you would in yoga and grab both knees. press them down towards the floor a couple of times. Then do a long forward stretch. Hold for a while and repeat 3 times)

Thursday, March 14,2013- Saturday, March 16, 2013:
*2 Sets of 60 crunches
*50 Squats
*20 Kickbacks
*10 Swing Kicks
*10 Sumo Squats
Maiden's Sitting

This is also a good time to vote on my polls. It will help me help you understand exactly what exercises should be deeply explained.

Vitamin Routine: The same as last week

During the course of the week: We are working on watching what we are eating. If you have reached your work-able weight , you can proceed to healthier eating. If you feel as if you still need more fat, then follow my instructions for last week. We want to feel the pull this week! Work on that stomach getting the muscles nice and tight. Later on we will work on burning the fat off so you can see those nice sexy abs. So make sure to stretch! !! Get as far as you can until it hurts all this week. We are going to work on getting a little sweat also. Jog in place or do some booty shaking!

I hope you guys enjoy this weeks program. I hope that you are enjoying the plan towards a better and curvy body!

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