Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Years BODIES

Hello BODIES. Happy New year's you guys!! Even with this being a tad bit cliche ....it's time for a new you!! With all the failed attempts of trying and giving up we come in hand with being something much better now. We are working towards a better mindset this year. Setting forth to create and achieve bigger and better goals. This year we shall shave off all the b.s. and excess non sense and embody the person we're dying to be.
This year we will create a new us! Starting with the inner body and working towards a voluptuous appearance. I myself have found a  couple of ways to enhance the natural curves and plump a couple of areas as well. The new BODIES are trying to enhance the natural shape with a couple of investments.  Don't worry , I have yet to try them but that's what makes this fun for all of us. I'm working with a couple of people as well that sell the products which would make it very convenient for all of us.
A few methods and a few hard strategies and we will have this all figured out. With that being said, what are your plans ? What are you set to achieve this year with the booty bloggers?

I'm open to conversation and I'm open to any and everything you guys are willing to rant about. Let's be more social this time around .

Reply below. Let's start this year with some fresh ideas

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I miss you guys!!

Hello BODIES and merry Christmas you guys! I've been missing in action. I'm back now and I'm ready to update you guys on how my life has been. I have only stuck to the vitamin regimen. I have done a few squats here and there. I have gotten thicker and my booty is now a ill bit fuller. I have vowed to stick strong to a new method of exercise. This year has had its run and I'm ready to refresh. If you guys have questions, feel free to email me you guys.

This year, I'm doing alot of videos. I also found a couple of new shape shifting practices. It's an investment so keep that in mind. DON'T WORRY I WILL HAVE CONNECTIONS SO WON'T HAVE TO LOOK. I do feel that this is a good investment for permanent results....but they require us to be consistent of course. Come and involve yourself this time around. I'M SERIOUS. WE ARE HERE TO MOTIVATE AND HELP EACH OTHER OUT!!

So THIS TIME AROUND .....I want participation and involvement from you ladies.

I'm late for dinner, but I will be back later. Turkey smells delicious....in the meantime smooches!!!!


-Love Sade

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ive been gone for to long!

Long time no speak. Im on a slight setback so I haven't been here to speak ith you all. I will be back so dont worry.
My progress so far is subsiding. Im gaining a littl more extra weight. My jeans that I could once fit won't even go past my thighs. I was a size 8 and now im a size 13. I want to keep all my thighs seeing that I get a lot of compliments for my butt and thighs now. My newest discovery is that I pick up my weight in my stomach first.  With that being said, I have asked my boyfriend for help. We attend the gym faithfully now. I add a lot of walking and speed walking to my workout.  I personally eliminate the laying sit ups as much as possible. 
I have a breaking goal of losing 30 lbs by the week of May 24. I heard it won't be easy at but I work hard when I want something.  I have to attend the gym 4x minimum a week to come close to this.
I must say it times when I wanna quit but my motivation comes in handy. My boyfriend , that one special piece that pushes me to my limits. Yes I still expect to be babied and spoiled, but he let's me know that once we in the gym we are friends that push each other. I can respect that!  Its great to find a solid focus and support with one thing or somebody . Rather its a person, an outfit you admire, or just to prove yourself,  push and seek all you can to achieve to the fullest!
I hope you guys are okay and I haven't forgot about none of you guys just been busy.  I wanna hear some feedback from you guys today. Let's chat on discoveries and suggestions. Im all ears! Until then, see you guys later

Kisses Sade

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

WEEK 7: Butt & Legs + Arch & Resistance

Bodies! Bodies! Bodies! How are you dolls today. Let's welcome ourselves to Week 7 !!! Introducing a new foundation in the course called arching! Yes building up that arch so that booty can stick on out.

Tuesday, April 9,2013 - Saturday, April 13,2013

10 Lunges
60 Squats
60 High Knee Marches
30 Kick backs
10 Push-Ups
10 Front Toe Touches
70 Crunches

Vitamins Routine: 2 prenatal, 3 omega fish oil, 4 macas, 2 pueraria mirifica , 1 tablespoon.

It would be a good time for all my participating members to send in progress pictures ! I won't post them unless you say so. It's just for measure purposes to see if my system is working. I hope you guys have a wonderful week and I will be posting more juicy info this week !

Monday, April 1, 2013

Week 6 : Stretching & Resistance METABOLISM WEEK

Good Afternoon Bodies. I'm hoping all of you had a wonderful Easter Sunday!!!!! But in other news, welcome to Week 6 . It's about that time to get some good stretching and pulling this week.

Monday April 1,2013- Saturday April 6,2013 :
*20 Push-Ups
*60 Crunches 2x a day
*30 Backwards ankle weight lifts
*Pigeon Pose
*Butterfly Pose
*10 Side laying lifts with ankle-weight

Same vitamin routine from the previous week. Add Aguaje fruit powder to your dose as well.
To drink Water, WATER , WATER !!!
Hold that stretch until it hurts
Get some good rest
No late night snacking
Do a set of crunches before bed
Be Motivated and Stay Motivated
Try and add some jumping jacks or jogging this week !!!
Eat lean this week

It's warming up outside so lets start to get that sweat pouring. SUMMER is right around the corner !

Open for all of your questions! pirhanabby2011@gmail.com

- Love n Peace -

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Launch Your Hair Journey ! Co-Wash to Revive

Hey Super Ladies . I wanted to start of by saying that I know I have been missing for awhile. However, we are going engage in a wonderful topic today. I was doing my typical YouTube viewing when I stumbled across a very interesting video. When I say that this one was an eye-catcher, I work as hard as possible to get her results.

One day when I was messaging my friend and we were talking about our hair. I told her how my current hair situation was and how brittle my hair was. She proceeded to tell me that she was started to co-wash her hair. I was so confused at first. She explained to me that it's safer for your hair. I did my own research on the topic because I was experiencing a lot of shedding. To find out, sulfates was the common factor among them all.

The wonderful world of sulfate! That little ingredient that allows you see the scuds while you lather, is hands down deceiving. I'm not saying this applies to all, but for the many of us that have horrible conditions with our hair in general. The sulfates once again allows the shampoo to lather into a rich bubbly solution but later on dries our hair .Why do you think you have to use conditioner immediately afterwords? The conditioner revives your hair follicles and adds moisture to the overall life of each strand.

This is what introduces the wonderful world of co-washing! Co-washing is the action of washing your hair with nothing but CONDITIONER. Now I know some of you are looking like "what", "ewwww" and even "how", but let me explain. Co-wash requires nothing but multiples massages of conditioner from scalp to the ends, rinse and repeat. You are just simply repeating the act of washing your hair until you feel how clean it actually is. You will see a difference with your overall hair as well. It allow it stay moist and hydrated which is the key element in hair-growth. It also allows that stripping power of shampoo to no longer be an enemy. The overall of idea of co-wash is powerful.

Now for all my sistahs, this is a break through. Believe me when I say I have struggled with hair growth. I was once in love with shampoos. I'm talking about wash, wash. wash, and WASH. I washed my hair so much it was ridiculous! Since, I have started co-washing, I will never be the same. I suggest this to everyone that comes across my path with the struggle of hair growth and is seeking improvement.

Simple steps to hair growth:

*Co-wash your hair 3 times a week (if your style permits)
*Moisturize,Moisturize and Moisturize !!!!!!!! (my favorite is virgin olive oil)
*Take a multi-vitamin
*Drink TONS of water
*Get those ends clipped
*PROTECTIVE STYLING (wigs and weave and avoid the heat!)

A couple drops of shampoo won't hurt to get that first wash nice and deep. The key is to stay hydrated. As in the health of your skin and body and even your hair. Drink water! Moisturize your skin and co-wash that hair. Just watch how long that hair starts to grow!!!!

My first video is definitely going to be my journey on hair growth!!! Stay tuned and SUBSCRIBE

- Kisses from Sade -

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Welcome to Week 5 Hips, Burst and Resistance

This Weeks workout is as follows:

Monday March 25- Saturday March 30,2013:
2 Sets of 40 crunches
15-20 Sumo-Squats
45 Jumping Jacks
20 Minutes of dancing
6 Lap-lifts
10 Curls
20 Punches with dumbbells

Vitamin Routine:
A.M: 1 Prenatal, 1 omega, 1 Maca, and 1 Pueraria Mirifica
P.M: 1 Prenatal, 2 omegas, 1 Maca and 1 Pueraria Mirifica

During the course of the week:
You are going to be doing some down the middle stretching. Pull into the position until it hurts you, but make sure not to tear nothing in the process. Hold in the core muscles while your punches. While making sure to alternate form side to side, squeeze the ab muscle while going arm to arm. Drink a lot of water and whole milk. Add some green tea too! We are working on 5 small meals a day now. It's not as hard as it may seem if you just cut your portions and make them smaller you will do okay. Think of portions that satisfy your hunger which would include a nice amount of fiber. Snack often but healthy!! Work on getting some good rest. Weight loss is always linked to getting a good nights rest. It's best to do a set of crunches before bed and one early in the morning. Wishing all you guys luck on those bodies.

If you have any questions about what I posted feel free to email me. I answer all questions promptly !!!!