Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Week 2: Butt & Thighs Week

Hello good morning to all! I know I'm little late on posting this but here it is:

-Monday, March 4, 2013 - Wednesday, March 6,2013:
*2 Sets of 30 crunches
*35 Squats
*10 Standing kick backs( Stand straight up and straighten one leg. Kick that leg backwards and hold it for 5 sec. Alternate legs 10 times each)
*10 Full Leg Swings (Stand straight up and loosen one leg so that you can kick it as high as you can in-front of you and as far as you can behind you. One full swing is considered as 1.)
*10 Push-Ups ( Perfect!)

-Thursday, March 7,2013 - Saturday, March 9,2013:
*2 Sets of 35 crunches
*15 Standing Kickbacks
*10 Swing Kicks
*10 Push-Ups (Perfect!)

Vitamin Rountine:
A.M : Take 1 prenatal vitamin, 1 fish oil pill, 1 pueraria mirifica.

Around Lunch time take one Maca pill

P.M : Take 1 fish oil pill and 1 maca.

During the course of the Week #2:
This week we are working on adding a little more weight, but it's totally optional. So, the mission is to consume as much potatoes you can in your meals. You can substitute it for potato chips if you like. We are still working on drinking alot of water. This week we adding whole milk to the diet. Whole milk allows us to gain weight as well. Only take on this part if your body permits you to. We are still working eating bread. We are adding an exceptional amount of peanut butter to our diet as well for this week. Again, try your hardest to avoid eating 2 hours before sleep. Remember that only causes you to gain extra weight. If your looking for more pounds then don't hesitate to indulge yourself. In the meantime, do the following so we gain weight to work off later!.

Email me with questions and concerns! I'm open for conversation. Blog you later!

--Kisses from Sade--

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