Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Why I Take Prenatal Vitamins

Good Morning My BODIES. Today I'm going to talk further into the reasons why I take prenatal vitamins. I'm also going to cover the risks and benefits from them as well.

Well, for one I take them to aid for my multi-vitamin that don't take anymore. They have all the essential vitamins that are recommended for us women to take. I take them to get all my right required dosages of all the assortment. I also take them because they are known for making your hair and nails grow. Alone, that should encourage anyone to try them. They have many properties and help our vital bodily functions.

The known risks that I have heard are slim. It is said that prenatal vitamins are unsafe for us to take if we are not pregnant. That is due to the fact that prenatal vitamins contain a high dosage of folic acid. Folic Acid is an assistant to child development and is also thought to be an aid in hair growth. They also have a high iron count with could cause constipation. When speaking with a vitamin distributor , he explained to me that it doesn't effect you as long as you don't over consume the vitamin. He also informed me that Biotin is excellent to the vital growth of hair and nails. I took that advice in consideration, but I also did tons of research when I got home.Its okay to take it, just don't go crazy with it because you will see results!

I have in fact been taking them for a month now. I have seen a difference far as how they contribute to hair growth. I'm impressed I must say! I have a gained roughly one inch of hair since I started taking them. This of course works hand-n-hand with how I changed my hair routine.To go deeper into that, I no longer use shampoos unless I'm in desperate need of a wash. I co-wash my hair every 2-3 days with Tresemme' conditioner and I let it air dry completely. I take my one prenatal vitamin along with a cup of water everyday. My results are shocking! I'm not saying taking them alone has changed my length, but I believe they are working together. That's my opinion and results but take the suggestion or leave it.

Alone, Biotin grows your hair. They are excellent with addition to any multi-vitamin. So, if you don't want to take prenatal as a risk then invest in some Biotin pill. 5000mcg is the most popular one. I really would like to know which one is works best. With that being said me and sister decided to take different pills. I take prenatal and she take Biotin.

I'll post updates as the time comes!

I highly suggest that you add them or take them if you aren't already. They contribute in many ways. Many will argue my cases or go forth to disagree with everything I said. I blog about my results from experimentation and experience. You can also do further reading from the links provided below, or just Google it!

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