Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Launch Your Hair Journey ! Co-Wash to Revive

Hey Super Ladies . I wanted to start of by saying that I know I have been missing for awhile. However, we are going engage in a wonderful topic today. I was doing my typical YouTube viewing when I stumbled across a very interesting video. When I say that this one was an eye-catcher, I work as hard as possible to get her results.

One day when I was messaging my friend and we were talking about our hair. I told her how my current hair situation was and how brittle my hair was. She proceeded to tell me that she was started to co-wash her hair. I was so confused at first. She explained to me that it's safer for your hair. I did my own research on the topic because I was experiencing a lot of shedding. To find out, sulfates was the common factor among them all.

The wonderful world of sulfate! That little ingredient that allows you see the scuds while you lather, is hands down deceiving. I'm not saying this applies to all, but for the many of us that have horrible conditions with our hair in general. The sulfates once again allows the shampoo to lather into a rich bubbly solution but later on dries our hair .Why do you think you have to use conditioner immediately afterwords? The conditioner revives your hair follicles and adds moisture to the overall life of each strand.

This is what introduces the wonderful world of co-washing! Co-washing is the action of washing your hair with nothing but CONDITIONER. Now I know some of you are looking like "what", "ewwww" and even "how", but let me explain. Co-wash requires nothing but multiples massages of conditioner from scalp to the ends, rinse and repeat. You are just simply repeating the act of washing your hair until you feel how clean it actually is. You will see a difference with your overall hair as well. It allow it stay moist and hydrated which is the key element in hair-growth. It also allows that stripping power of shampoo to no longer be an enemy. The overall of idea of co-wash is powerful.

Now for all my sistahs, this is a break through. Believe me when I say I have struggled with hair growth. I was once in love with shampoos. I'm talking about wash, wash. wash, and WASH. I washed my hair so much it was ridiculous! Since, I have started co-washing, I will never be the same. I suggest this to everyone that comes across my path with the struggle of hair growth and is seeking improvement.

Simple steps to hair growth:

*Co-wash your hair 3 times a week (if your style permits)
*Moisturize,Moisturize and Moisturize !!!!!!!! (my favorite is virgin olive oil)
*Take a multi-vitamin
*Drink TONS of water
*Get those ends clipped
*PROTECTIVE STYLING (wigs and weave and avoid the heat!)

A couple drops of shampoo won't hurt to get that first wash nice and deep. The key is to stay hydrated. As in the health of your skin and body and even your hair. Drink water! Moisturize your skin and co-wash that hair. Just watch how long that hair starts to grow!!!!

My first video is definitely going to be my journey on hair growth!!! Stay tuned and SUBSCRIBE

- Kisses from Sade -

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Welcome to Week 5 Hips, Burst and Resistance

This Weeks workout is as follows:

Monday March 25- Saturday March 30,2013:
2 Sets of 40 crunches
15-20 Sumo-Squats
45 Jumping Jacks
20 Minutes of dancing
6 Lap-lifts
10 Curls
20 Punches with dumbbells

Vitamin Routine:
A.M: 1 Prenatal, 1 omega, 1 Maca, and 1 Pueraria Mirifica
P.M: 1 Prenatal, 2 omegas, 1 Maca and 1 Pueraria Mirifica

During the course of the week:
You are going to be doing some down the middle stretching. Pull into the position until it hurts you, but make sure not to tear nothing in the process. Hold in the core muscles while your punches. While making sure to alternate form side to side, squeeze the ab muscle while going arm to arm. Drink a lot of water and whole milk. Add some green tea too! We are working on 5 small meals a day now. It's not as hard as it may seem if you just cut your portions and make them smaller you will do okay. Think of portions that satisfy your hunger which would include a nice amount of fiber. Snack often but healthy!! Work on getting some good rest. Weight loss is always linked to getting a good nights rest. It's best to do a set of crunches before bed and one early in the morning. Wishing all you guys luck on those bodies.

If you have any questions about what I posted feel free to email me. I answer all questions promptly !!!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Welcome to Week 4: Stomach + Movement & Resistance

Good Morning Bodies!!! Long time no speak. I'm posting Week 4 bright and early this morning for you all to get started. Work hard and play harder this week. Also, as of today we are watching what we eat!!!! No more throwing down with the fast food and fries. Watch the shake and shake your booty!! Since we adding resistance, go and grab some ankle-weights. The resistance is needed to see results. The further we go, the more faster that ass is going to pop.

Monday March 18,2013- Wednesday March 20,2013:
15 Minutes of dancing
10 Minutes of hip-rolling
15 Minutes of twerking
20 Ankle-weight Kickbacks
20 Standing side lifts w/dumbbells
15 Perfect push-ups

and then.......

Thursday March 21,2013- Saturday March 23,2013
20 Minutes of dancing
10 Minutes of hip-rolling
30 Ankle-weight kickbacks
15 Perfect push-ups
20 Standing Side lifts w/dumbbells

Vitamin Routine- The same as last weeks ! Scroll down to see past weeks

During the course of the week:
Stop eating so much. Add some green tea to what you drink through-out the day. Also, snack on some nuts and maybe even a bite of salad chicken. Have 4 small meals a day. We are working on metabolism and losing weight now. Drink a lot of water as usual. Also, while doing the dance workout incorporate popping into your mix. You don't have to break your back with it, but make sure you put a lot of back into it!!!

I plan to start finally using my YouTube channel to inform you guys on the explainable type of things. I hope you guys are doing good as all ways. Any who, email me some questions so I can do some Q&A posts !

Wishing you all a very Happy Hump Day Monday !!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How To Widen The Hips: Naturally !

Good Morning My Bodies!

I would like to welcome you all to week three of our transformations. I'm doing good so far and I hope you guys are as well. Today, I'm going to be talking about the hips. Yes, those sexy little things that give your body the spice it deserve. Hips are one of the keys to a banging body! As you may have already figured this out, we're going to get the hips of our dreams.

I often like to refer to my favorite picture. You know, the one that I posted and said it gives me motivation. To refresh your memories, I'm talking the ebony goddess in the two-piece binkini:

Simply Gorgeous! Now as for the hips she has may already be natural for her, I want them. I'm going to work hard to get them too. Just imagine how those would make your clothes look on you? How small and defined the waistline is. How perfectly proportioned the hips are to the waist. That's what I want! But hey, I know I'm not the only one who wants them. So, that's where you guys come in at. I didn't forget about you guys!

This week, Week Three has added hip exercises to bring them on out. To get those hips we are going to need to work each and every hip muscle we have. That goes from the tiniest one, all the way to the biggest one itself. With that being said we are going to start doing alot of stretching and working hard on those areas as much as possible. Rumor has it that this can also come from having sex with a "blessed" partner. Try it out and see !

First, one you have to think of is the side lunges. They make all the difference in the world. I do mines without a bar , but only for the time being. Its nothing but starting off in the standing position, and stepping off to the side and fully bending your knee. While maintaining to keep your leg straight and out, you hold it for a hot second or two and extend up. Alternating from leg to leg until you do 10 stretches on each leg.

Or refer to:

Next, is the hip abductions. Feel the burn with these. Refer to another Nike Women video I found on YouTube. Here is hip abductions:

Along with these two. Add some side walking on a treadmill sometimes. These 3 will do you wonders believe me! I added stretching to it as well. I find alot of burn and visual results with these stretching exercises I came up with. One of them are called Maiden's.

The goal is to begin in a butterfly pose and and reach your head to your toes. Hold it for a good 10 seconds, relax and repeat that 3 times. Another one that I have had luck with is another yoga pose called the pigeon ( I believe that's the name). You begin with the stands she is in and you pull your head forward to lay it straight in line with the stretched out leg. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat for each leg 3 times.

I hope to make a video soon to show you guys just what I do to get my results. But in the meantime this is all I can do for you.

If you need help or you don't understand what I'm trying to say, email me or comment on this post. Anything you would like to add, Comment whatever that might be.

I'm wishing you guys a powerful and wonderful week. I will be adding my post week 2 up later on today or later on this week.

See you lovely ladies later!

-- Kisses from Sade --

Week 3: Butt & Thighs + Hips

This week we are still working on the Butt and Thighs , but we are adding the Hips also! So let's get to spreading these babies more and more this week ;)

Monday, March 11,2013- Wednesday, March 13,2013:
*2 sets of 50 crunches
*40 Squats
*60 standing Knee-High Marches( As if you in the marching band. March in place and bend those knees to the chest. Do each leg 30 times.
*15 Standing kickbacks
*10 Swing Kicks
*10 Sumo-Squats ( A wider version of a regular squat. Stand straight up and step far out. Bend deep into squat and stand back up in standing position)
Maiden's Sitting ( Sit on the floor. Sit Indian style or how you would in yoga and grab both knees. press them down towards the floor a couple of times. Then do a long forward stretch. Hold for a while and repeat 3 times)

Thursday, March 14,2013- Saturday, March 16, 2013:
*2 Sets of 60 crunches
*50 Squats
*20 Kickbacks
*10 Swing Kicks
*10 Sumo Squats
Maiden's Sitting

This is also a good time to vote on my polls. It will help me help you understand exactly what exercises should be deeply explained.

Vitamin Routine: The same as last week

During the course of the week: We are working on watching what we are eating. If you have reached your work-able weight , you can proceed to healthier eating. If you feel as if you still need more fat, then follow my instructions for last week. We want to feel the pull this week! Work on that stomach getting the muscles nice and tight. Later on we will work on burning the fat off so you can see those nice sexy abs. So make sure to stretch! !! Get as far as you can until it hurts all this week. We are going to work on getting a little sweat also. Jog in place or do some booty shaking!

I hope you guys enjoy this weeks program. I hope that you are enjoying the plan towards a better and curvy body!

Email me questions!
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Friday, March 8, 2013

Bloating: Salt Is The Enemy

Morning Bodies'! Let's jump right into the topic of today. Today's topic is the insight on bloating. More than anything the enemy of sodium better known as Salt. Salt is part the wonderful world of seasonings. It hides in many of foods, enhancing the flavor beyond our taste buds. So, why must it be so bad for us?

Salt must be taken in consideration when we diet. When we get bloated from salt its all of the excess creating a fluid build-up. That later or immediately gives us a very uncomfortable feeling. That's because it has raised our blood volume with makes our heart work harder than before. It's unhealthy to consume too much salt. It's best we shape the intake of it wise. This can later save us the chances of high blood pressure and diabetes.

We are generally advised to take a heaping 2,300 milligrams of sodium. For the older people that have already been affected by its effects, should think about nothing more than 1,200 milligrams. With disciplining the dosages and a couple other factors, we can reduce or even eliminate bloating itself!

So what else can we do ? Drink water! Chug it down and worry about catching your breath later. Drinking water cleanses our insides, flushes out all the unwanted materials and also hydrates. Sodium actually dehydrates our bodies, so you can see why water can attack that factor. Why not grab a banana every once in a while. Anything that is rich with potassium balances our sodium intakes. Elevate your legs throughout the day to allow circulation and flow of the blood in the lower region. Eat vitamin rich foods so you eliminate bloating due to water retention.

See how just simple little things we eat factor our appearance tremendously. Try it and see how much the bloating goes away .If your already a low-sodium in-taker, then your one step ahead of the pack. Keep up with the good work and encourage your loved ones the same. It never hurts to support our inner circles.

I hope your Week 2 was great!! Mines surely was. Don't forget to vote on my NEW polls. I need some direction on where to take you guys next. What should my first video be about, and what do you have trouble finding the most. Once, again enjoy your day and I'll catch you guy back here tomorrow. Just for a heads up, you all get a chance to see my drawing skills, and exactly what I want to look like this June !!

See you all later and be safe. It's getting crazy out here

--Kisses from Sade --

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Big BOOTY Methods: Dry Brushing

Good Afternoon my lovely people! I sure do hope that all of you are having a wonderful day so far. Remember to wear a smile, because it's healthy and it keeps people out of business.

Well today I want to cover a topic I came across a while ago. Its a method called dry brushing. Dry brushing is the act of pushes fat into other places with a set of motions applied to the skin. Its simply just taking a brush and stroking it to the butt area. Think of it as a massage for the booty. Caressing and loving every bit of it. I look at it as a way of taking some alone time with yourself. Taking the time out to stroke yourself the way you please ! I also found this quite interesting for our experiment of body transformation! It's nothing that hard about it so, lets try it!

It helps:
*Improve blood circulation
*Smooths skin
*Eliminate cellulite
*Tightens skin
*Redistribute fat!

It's seem to be a fun way to push out that tush! With that being said, add this to your routine next week. I want everyone to go out and get a brush. A wide bath brush, nothing to hard that it hurts the skin. Do it as often as you like but preferably in the morning and before you take a shower.

Again,I'm going to work on putting this in the upcoming routines for us. Now that optional, just like everything is optional for you to try. Participation is needed!!

Well see ya lovely ladies later!

-- Kisses from Sade --

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Why I Take Prenatal Vitamins

Good Morning My BODIES. Today I'm going to talk further into the reasons why I take prenatal vitamins. I'm also going to cover the risks and benefits from them as well.

Well, for one I take them to aid for my multi-vitamin that don't take anymore. They have all the essential vitamins that are recommended for us women to take. I take them to get all my right required dosages of all the assortment. I also take them because they are known for making your hair and nails grow. Alone, that should encourage anyone to try them. They have many properties and help our vital bodily functions.

The known risks that I have heard are slim. It is said that prenatal vitamins are unsafe for us to take if we are not pregnant. That is due to the fact that prenatal vitamins contain a high dosage of folic acid. Folic Acid is an assistant to child development and is also thought to be an aid in hair growth. They also have a high iron count with could cause constipation. When speaking with a vitamin distributor , he explained to me that it doesn't effect you as long as you don't over consume the vitamin. He also informed me that Biotin is excellent to the vital growth of hair and nails. I took that advice in consideration, but I also did tons of research when I got home.Its okay to take it, just don't go crazy with it because you will see results!

I have in fact been taking them for a month now. I have seen a difference far as how they contribute to hair growth. I'm impressed I must say! I have a gained roughly one inch of hair since I started taking them. This of course works hand-n-hand with how I changed my hair routine.To go deeper into that, I no longer use shampoos unless I'm in desperate need of a wash. I co-wash my hair every 2-3 days with Tresemme' conditioner and I let it air dry completely. I take my one prenatal vitamin along with a cup of water everyday. My results are shocking! I'm not saying taking them alone has changed my length, but I believe they are working together. That's my opinion and results but take the suggestion or leave it.

Alone, Biotin grows your hair. They are excellent with addition to any multi-vitamin. So, if you don't want to take prenatal as a risk then invest in some Biotin pill. 5000mcg is the most popular one. I really would like to know which one is works best. With that being said me and sister decided to take different pills. I take prenatal and she take Biotin.

I'll post updates as the time comes!

I highly suggest that you add them or take them if you aren't already. They contribute in many ways. Many will argue my cases or go forth to disagree with everything I said. I blog about my results from experimentation and experience. You can also do further reading from the links provided below, or just Google it!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Good morning Bodies!  I hope you guys enjoyed your wonderful weekend. As you all may know, we have finally knocked out Week 1. Round of applause!  Now, it wasn't that hard was it. Hopely that somewhat seeked your interest and got you open far as the weeks to come. That was definitely the easiest week thus far but we only progress and get more challenged as we move along.

Week 1 Summary - I did a lot of extra eating! I pigged out almost every other day and went out to eat. I also found my self drinking a lot of water and pineapple juice. I didn't consume a lot of bread , meats nor potatoes. I did consume a lot of coffee and tv dinners as meals. I was always persistent with taking my vitamins and trying to perfect my push ups. I could've did better but I plan on stricten myself from here forward.
Overall, I accomplished the goal of gaining weight. All that I need to work on is staying set to the methods of gaining it. I'm happy with the way I'm gaining and filling in so far. Thus far, I have gained 10 pounds since the last week of Januray.
I have learned thus far, I gain weight in my waist and hips the most. My pants are actually getting too small for me and they are hugging tighter and tighter. I know this is a pro and con for me. One, because I need bigger clothes now. That has actually limited me to wearing lots and lots of jogging pants and loose fitting clothes. Two, I have weight to push in the areas I need it in the most. Along with the streching and exercises I will be set!
Well I hope that you guys have the dedication you need for Week 2! I look forward to receiving your before pictures. I look forward to answering all of your questions and being of assistance to you!
This is also a good time to invest in your Aguaje fruit powder. Pills or powder will be just fine!  If your having a problem finding the fruit powder, I will start to sell it at your convience.

I hope you guys work with me on Week 2. Best wishes!!!!!

--Kisses from Sade--

Week 2: Butt & Thighs Week

Hello good morning to all! I know I'm little late on posting this but here it is:

-Monday, March 4, 2013 - Wednesday, March 6,2013:
*2 Sets of 30 crunches
*35 Squats
*10 Standing kick backs( Stand straight up and straighten one leg. Kick that leg backwards and hold it for 5 sec. Alternate legs 10 times each)
*10 Full Leg Swings (Stand straight up and loosen one leg so that you can kick it as high as you can in-front of you and as far as you can behind you. One full swing is considered as 1.)
*10 Push-Ups ( Perfect!)

-Thursday, March 7,2013 - Saturday, March 9,2013:
*2 Sets of 35 crunches
*15 Standing Kickbacks
*10 Swing Kicks
*10 Push-Ups (Perfect!)

Vitamin Rountine:
A.M : Take 1 prenatal vitamin, 1 fish oil pill, 1 pueraria mirifica.

Around Lunch time take one Maca pill

P.M : Take 1 fish oil pill and 1 maca.

During the course of the Week #2:
This week we are working on adding a little more weight, but it's totally optional. So, the mission is to consume as much potatoes you can in your meals. You can substitute it for potato chips if you like. We are still working on drinking alot of water. This week we adding whole milk to the diet. Whole milk allows us to gain weight as well. Only take on this part if your body permits you to. We are still working eating bread. We are adding an exceptional amount of peanut butter to our diet as well for this week. Again, try your hardest to avoid eating 2 hours before sleep. Remember that only causes you to gain extra weight. If your looking for more pounds then don't hesitate to indulge yourself. In the meantime, do the following so we gain weight to work off later!.

Email me with questions and concerns! I'm open for conversation. Blog you later!

--Kisses from Sade--

Friday, March 1, 2013

Take Part and Take Photos

Hello Bodies its me. As we all know, the end of our first week is tomorrow. I hope you guys took part and did the exercises given. I had a-lot of fun doing them seeing that I'm not the only one anymore. This is nothing but a short reminder for SUCCESS.

I came up with a idea while sitting at my computer today. We should ALL take a before photo. Having that photo cover all four turns of your body. Not so much in something revealing but in something that grabs the problem areas. It would be a great motivation and a great pressure point for the best of us. We could use that constant reminder to stay focused. But when you look back on it, there's nothing to stay focused on! You get to eat whatever you want for 2 more weeks in no judgement of the portions. Then, we slowly cut back on what we eat and eventually cut something completely out of our diets.

With that being said, let's snap a picture. Being from a cell phone or even a camera. Keep it for your records!! Also, this is a perfect time to take your weight and measurements. Bust-waist-hips-butt-and thighs.

I CREATED A CHALLENGE. Take an item from your wardrobe. Something like a t-shirt, yoga pants, shorts, but preferably a pair of pants (that are too tight or perfectly loose). Take a photo now. Let's see what changes. Keep it and submit it in July for my contest. I wanna see if progress was made! I wanna see how the works pays off.

I'll go first, me in some to tight jeans:

We all know these pants to tight! My point exactly. Now me in a skin-tight dress, with no type of curve:

Sorry they popped up side ways. At least I got my point across.

So don't be afraid to participate. Email your photos

--Kisses from Sade --