The Beast Bodies

Hello readers. I will post all the weekly routines towards getting our bodies ready for the Summer 2013. Each week consisting of one or more target goals.

Routines including:
-Fitness rituals
-Vitamins rituals
-Eating tips and extended to-do's
-Don'ts and Do's

I'll do follow-ups through out the week and post pictures of questionable exercises that I created myself. Also, to help motivate all readers of this blog, I will be posting pictures of all my own visual process. That's even including the nails, skin, and hair pages that I have.

Remember, that all beautiful things take time and hard effort. So, WORK hard, SWEAT more, and LOVE curves!!!

-Kisses from Sade


  1. Hey Sade
    You're already a looker! But I respect your desire to your ideal image. It would be interesting to post as well as your position. A photo or two of you, so for your community's success is visible. I am looking forward to it and wish you the best and good luck!

    1. I'm working it now. I haven't came around any useful photos yet. I would like thank you for your comment and that's a pleasure for all the encouragement!