Monday, March 18, 2013

Welcome to Week 4: Stomach + Movement & Resistance

Good Morning Bodies!!! Long time no speak. I'm posting Week 4 bright and early this morning for you all to get started. Work hard and play harder this week. Also, as of today we are watching what we eat!!!! No more throwing down with the fast food and fries. Watch the shake and shake your booty!! Since we adding resistance, go and grab some ankle-weights. The resistance is needed to see results. The further we go, the more faster that ass is going to pop.

Monday March 18,2013- Wednesday March 20,2013:
15 Minutes of dancing
10 Minutes of hip-rolling
15 Minutes of twerking
20 Ankle-weight Kickbacks
20 Standing side lifts w/dumbbells
15 Perfect push-ups

and then.......

Thursday March 21,2013- Saturday March 23,2013
20 Minutes of dancing
10 Minutes of hip-rolling
30 Ankle-weight kickbacks
15 Perfect push-ups
20 Standing Side lifts w/dumbbells

Vitamin Routine- The same as last weeks ! Scroll down to see past weeks

During the course of the week:
Stop eating so much. Add some green tea to what you drink through-out the day. Also, snack on some nuts and maybe even a bite of salad chicken. Have 4 small meals a day. We are working on metabolism and losing weight now. Drink a lot of water as usual. Also, while doing the dance workout incorporate popping into your mix. You don't have to break your back with it, but make sure you put a lot of back into it!!!

I plan to start finally using my YouTube channel to inform you guys on the explainable type of things. I hope you guys are doing good as all ways. Any who, email me some questions so I can do some Q&A posts !

Wishing you all a very Happy Hump Day Monday !!!

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