Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Weight Is Just Fine

Good morning Bodies! I hope you guys are having a wonderful Thursday. I would like to start off by saying I have a slight hangover and I'm at work. Believe me when I say a desk job and a hangover are not a good-mix, but the Peach Long Island surely was.

Well, I'm posting this to say a few things. I know that some of you are conscious about the weight you have as of now. The whole point of my plan is to get a good amount of weight to work with so the butt won't be all muscle. If your aiming for a muscle butt , then go right ahead. My goal is to get a fatty, not a solid! So, for the first 3 weeks, along with exercise, we are working on picking up weight so we can shape it sufficiently. I have appeared to have gained weight. I was a couple pounds lighter in December. These one pair of jeans that I bought in September was the perfect comfortable fit and now they are too tight. It has gotten to the point that I can't even zip or pull them up all the way. I wondered why? I went through a slight stage of depression and I seek my comfort with foods. That explains my reasons where I kind of let myself go. That's when I stop going to the gym and ate more heavier portions. It was bad!

Now, that I'm a good streak with you guys, I've changed that horrible response to my problems. I do my set of crunches before work. Eat 3-4 small meals a day now. I drink tons of water and I do take all of my vitamins. I have done my research on the fat I have gained too. I soon saw that it wasn't something to beat myself up over anymore. That now the extra weight I have gained will help me in the journey to gaining that butt that I truly desire. Also, since I lack wide hip bones, that fat will also do wonders for that portion of my body.

I say all that to say, the weight is just fine. We are going to work it off. I'm saying that to say, "Hey, go ahead and stuff your face", but to say eat often. Eat as much as you feel comfortable with. If you already have that weight you like and don't seek to gain then don't. I of course, could use a couple more pounds. I want a fat butt ,so a fat butt needs fat.

Everything will be just fine! Along with the various routines I have set for the upcoming weeks, we shall lose the extra. Weeks varying in hard cardio one week and resistance the next will make it simple to still stretch that fat in the right place along with contouring the curves of our temples.

So don't BEAT yourself up, EAT the food up! Its much more where that came from.

Well, back to work I go, wish me luck on this journey of Thursday, February 28,2013. I wish you guys the best!!!

--Kisses from SADE

Email me with questions

This is to inform you all that I'm social and ready to answer your questions. It can be pertaining to anything from supplements to nails to hair. From "how do you a french manicure" all the way to " how do you do sew-in". I'm open for whatever it is that you have to say. I also have open ears for anyone that is going through something. That could be from relationship troubles all the way to growing a higher sense of self esteem for yourself. I love to reach out and help anyone that I possibly can. I'm understanding as well, so I listen and I don't judge.

I'm here for anyone. If you just need someone to listen to you babble about your problems, all the way to helping you make a life-changing decision. I know I'm just an option and a lot of you already has someone in your corner, but some don't. Just to say I can be a counselor, a mentor and even a best friend. Don't be afraid.

Feel free to ask me questions anytime about anything.

Contact me:

I wish you guys a wonderful day, and I hope your Week 1 is a success !

--Kisses from SADE--

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Q&A :Why I use Maca?

Good Morning Bodies! One of the most frequently asked questions that I get is, why do you use maca? The reason I take Maca is quite simple. About a year ago, I did some reading about ways to make the butt big. One of the ways was taking Maca. I was skeptical about it of course but I said why not try it. Around the end of last year, I noticed that my butt had a jiggle to it! It was fuller at the bottom and I saw a difference. I believe I only got minimum results because I didn't work out along with taking them. I didn't take Pueraria Mirifica along with it. Another reason could be that I took them when I wanted to. That I can say, would be me taking 3 pills a week TOPS.

Well now for the last month, I have been on task. I take one before bed every night. The reason why I do that is because the maca helps to distribute hormones evenly and properly throughout the body. Maca itself isn't a hormone, it just regulates. I also take a pueraria mirifica (hormone) in the morning. That causes them to work hand in hand with one another. Take a hormone early, store the hormone later.

A little bit about Maca that many don't know. It's scientific term-o logy is Lepidium Meyenii. It is grown in Peru and in the high Andes of Boliva. Family to the turnips and radishes, grown under the soil and growing no more than 20 cm in length. They come and colors of gold, cream, red, and black. Each one contributing to something different but still being similar in their own ways. The root has also shown to help in sexual acts. By being an assistance to increase semen count, sperm performance and sexual libido in men. It's still safe for women to take it because it's contain no harmful hormones. You can't overdose from it. It has bare minimum risk to your health. You can't go wrong with that.

I'm quite addicted to it by choice, even though its an aphrodisiac. It for one gives me energy and makes me "ready". It has done that part for me even with me not taking it like I'm supposed to. It has been said to increase the size of your butt! I have seen results of my own along with others visuals progress. It's something to definitely try!

Also, I'm working on buying these items in the bulk to distribute them in extension to my other products. They are hard to find, not so much maca but Aguaje fruit powder and pueraria mirifica. I'm coming up with this product as we speak. Half the cost, 100% and 100% effective.

I'm glad I could chat with you guys, but in the meantime I'm getting prepared for this snow-storm.

I hope the Week 1 is part of routine this week.

Love you Bodies! Email me with questions. Subscribe and enjoy!

--Kisses from Sade--

Monday, February 25, 2013

Well, Hello there my fellow B.B.Dreamers and good morning on this beautiful Monday morning. I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. As you all my know , Today is the Day 1 of our first week. We are working on the big area this week ....THE STOMACH. The waistline is one of the key factors in making a gorgeous body. Working on that section alone can make the booty appear a bit bigger. We as a team don't just want an appearance of a bigger one, we WANT a bigger one overall.

This is me posting my beginning! I keep my word, that's one thing that I do do. I know how uncomfortable it can be for some but I can care less. Look at it as a start to making something better. Shape shifting something into a masterpiece. This is how it all begins for me, and I'm not afraid to shoe the skin I'm in (with respect). So, here we go. Full coverage shots of me before the missions. Photos were taken on February 24,2013.

Yikes, not that bad. I'm a bit over weight, yes I know. I picked up a couple pounds around Christmas. Over the time til now, my face has gotten fatter and I have lost my somewhat flat stomach. I actually have been trying to follow my plans but they always fail me because of no motivation. I stated that earlier because I'm not the only one who has this problem. This is not what I want for the summer and I'm going to work hard for what I want. Now, for the next following weeks, I'm going into grind mode. I would say a lot of cardio is needed, but a booty requires fat. In order for that to happen you must put on some to share it in your workouts.

We are going to get the plan in action ahead of time so we don't crash so soon. Doing that by slowly progressing into more complicated things and workouts. I for one, don't think what I have put together is so much complicated but I feel it goes up a notch week by week.

So there you have it. I posted my "odd" shaped body on the Internet. Am I ashamed? No. Do I care what anyone has to say? No. Do I need the options of others and what they about my body? Nope. Will I cry from a comment ? Not at all/ I'm women. I'm a child of God. No-one is perfect. I'm beautiful inside and out. My outer image is as equal to the loving image that I have within myself. I LOVE MYSELF. If you have that love for yourself as much as I also have for myself , then your a winner honey! Don't let no-one put you down . Wear that body like a sexy catwomen suit and strut. Believe me, someone will break their neck to see you trot.Just know this is the turning point to reshaping that clay into a coke-shape vase.......I just bottle doesn't fit this type of conversation.

Btw, I'm very aware of the hole under my arm lol.

Remember you can always email me with any questions you may have! I'm very social and open for any concerns you may have. In the meantime, Good luck and congrats on taking the move to a better you! Week 1 HERE WE COME

--Kisses from Sade--

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Routine for Week 1

I'm starting this off with a program of routine. Each week I will post workouts, eating, and living methods to try and reach the weeks goal. Feedback and comments are welcome and I will post pictures and such about the questionable things I post. **NOTE** This is a good time take your pictures and compare your results later.

Week 1 target: Stomach. That's right the midsection. A lot of people don't know that the stomach is the key to the body. It has to be filled and flat at the same time. That alone will case your backside to stand out more. It also helps us get ready for the Summer. Along with those shorts shorts and bikinis we going to get a flat stomach to add to the image.

With that said, lets get down to business!
Week 1: Starting on February 25,2013. Ending on March 2,2013. Break-day is March 3rd.

Routine to follow:

-Monday February 25,2013:
2 sets of 25 crunches (One set in the a.m & one in the p.m)
10 Toe-Touch Squats (Full Bend Down)
10 Push-Ups (Perfect!)
10 Minutes of Hip-Rolling/Belly Dancing

-Tuesday February 26,2013:
2 sets of 25 crunches (One set in the a.m & one in the p.m)
15 Toe-Touch Squats (Full Bend Down)
10 Push-Ups (Perfect!)
10 Minutes of Hip-Rolling/Belly Dancing

-Wednesday February 27,2013:
2 sets of 50 crunches (One set in the a.m & one in the p.m)
25 Toe-Touch Squats (Full Bend Down)
10 Push-Ups (Perfect!)
10 Minutes of Hip-Rolling/Belly Dancing

-Thursday February 28,2013:
2 sets of 50 crunches (One set in the a.m & one in the p.m)
35 Toe-Touch Squats (Full Bend Down)
10 Push-Ups (Perfect!)
10 Minutes of Hip-Rolling/Belly Dancing

-Friday March 1,2013:
60 crunches
10 Perfect Push-Ups
10 Minutes of Hip-Rolling

-Saturday March 2,2013:
60 crunches
10 Perfect Push-ups
10 Minutes of Hip-Rolling

-Sunday March 3, 2013:

Vitamin Routine:
A.M - 1 prenatal vitamin,1 omega fish oil pill and 1 pueraria mirifica.
P.M- 1 omega fish oil pill and 1 maca pill.
**We are going to start taking vitamins in small dosages first and gradually increase)

During the course of your week:
You are going to consume as much bread, potatoes (preferably baked) and proteins as possible. Drink (6) 8 oz. glasses of water. Try and stay away from junk foods unless your trying to gain weight. Don't eat anything 2-hours before you go to bed, unless your trying to gain extra weight. Make sure you eat breakfast within an hour of waking up. Try your hardest to perfect your push-ups so for the weeks to come they will be perfect and more easy to do. Walk as much as possible. Remember, if your trying to lose weight, avoid all excess sweets. If your trying to gain weight, eat everything you can get your hands on and take a nap. Not the best advice but it definitely puts on pounds.

The vitamin routine is not needed nor required unless your comfortable with doing it. The vitamins that I posted are for the growth of the butt, hair and nails. They have many other benefits as well that you can find on the web or on my various pages.

Remember, this is a progress. Beautiful things take time to be made. I'm doing all the same routines that I post and I will take pictures of all my progress. I know how uncomfortable a photo can be to post, so I'll add mines to show there's no fear when your working on something.

My Progress is always on my personal page

Thursday, February 21, 2013

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This is encouraging and welcoming everyone who views my blog to add me in your circle. That can be acquaintances or friend or whatever you prefer. Breaking down that closed barrier to become social with all you guys. Add me I don't bite !

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Let's Talk About What The Blog What Made For

Happy Wednesday you guys! I'm starting off with a warm introduction to heating this page up a bit. I'm doing that by jumping straight into what needs to be talked about. I made this page solely on the basics of female enhancement. I wanted to share this with people seeing that it is a concern of many women that I know. Why not come together and brainstorm on it make and find a solution.

First things first. I want to talk about getting that dream body for the Summer of 2013. I know that it will take a lot more than 3 months to see the maximum results of course. Nothing comes easy when it comes with honest pleasure of course. I have the patience and open window to explore the various options of doing this the natural way.

We all are familiar the "quick-fixes". You know the ones that everyone hipped on. I'm talking about the butt-shots, the brazilian butt-lifts, fat transfers and even the implants. With all the health-risk that they bring, they are not guaranteed to be safe for our bodies in the long run. Not alone, the cost can be quite expensive. Who cares ? I care! Why even sit and risk with the various complications later. That's when I came across methods that were healthy to obtain a nice body.

Its natural and have many other benefits also.Benefits including but not limited to the following: Stronger nails, more radiant skin, heart health, proper distributions to hormones, and more curvier figure. Upon the many things I have tried, they nothing to do with a doctors office. They have nothing to do with shots and incisions. They are actually herbal supplements and a change of well-being. It works differently depending on who you are and your current body shape. Along with your current body FAT. Now, for me its not that easy as it should be. I write a plan and then later on I bag out because I get discouraged. That isn't the way I'm going to see successful results. That brings me the sole purpose of my blog. I wanted to collectively get others that have the same desperate interest in gaining that booty. It's nothing but one big support system !

Me personally, I envy a women with a nice shape body. Don't take that as me being unhappy with myself, because I still carry myself as if I had the body I admire. I just can;t the fact that they are just so damn blessed in the lower half of their body. I just stare sometimes, not like I can't help it but it's just like .....WOW. I thought for it was all a joke. That as I grew up into a young women, the hips and ass would just pop-up. I was wrong. I also thought that maybe once I became sexually active, that from deep penetration I would pop them right out into place. I was sadly disappointed with that one. I just had the recent thought that I can't gain those gifts until I bear a child. See, I'm not to open for that one just yet. What I'm trying to get out of this is that the frustration is real when it comes done the ways of getting what you always wanted.

Thanks to me being a web-junkie, I learned a few things about this subject. I seen and heard all kind of different approaches.To name a few:
*Aguaje Fruit Powder
*Omega-3 Fish Oil
*Pueraria Mirifica

I did research on how the following can affect the body. Some require exercise. Some require nothing at all. Some of them actually work in pairs and make a BIG difference. I gotta a couple regimens I do myself and I believe they will turn out just fine with dedication and motivation. If that's not enough, I often refer to this one picture I keep on my keep me pumping and going .......


Whatever it takes, I'm getting that body!!

Like for example: I take the Pueraria in the morning and I take a Maca at the end of the night. These are the ones that work in pairs. Seeing that one has a similiar hormone like female estrogen and one is a regulator. The Maca itself is not a hormone, but yet it helps to fuel the endocrine system. It has a set of nutrients that help glands promote hormone to disburse in ones' body evenly and correctly. The P.M is a similair herb, except it comes with hormones that need help to be disbursed more directly. That's, of course ,the reason why these two are taken together. Nice results thus far

I also own the Aguaje Fruit Powder. It is truly a good addition to the system I do. I would go into details but I'll save that part for another day of blogging.

Feel free to comment me questions and conversation regarding this & remember , don't be shy you guys.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Welcome To The Launching of my Blogger Page

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blogger page. We will be discussing the ways to get a natural-looking body. We're going from the workouts all the way to the supplements and meals. I hope that you guys can join me in the steps for banging transformations.

We are working towards: Bigger Breasts, Better hair, Better skin, Brighter teeth and BIGGER BOOTY for those short-shorts!

JOIN ME while I break down the effective ways of gaining the best results from my own perspectives and the input of others. Lets make this the best summer one yet with a flawless display of beauty.

The Goal is having that body by the Summer of 2013! Lets start. SUBSCRIBE