Tuesday, April 9, 2013

WEEK 7: Butt & Legs + Arch & Resistance

Bodies! Bodies! Bodies! How are you dolls today. Let's welcome ourselves to Week 7 !!! Introducing a new foundation in the course called arching! Yes building up that arch so that booty can stick on out.

Tuesday, April 9,2013 - Saturday, April 13,2013

10 Lunges
60 Squats
60 High Knee Marches
30 Kick backs
10 Push-Ups
10 Front Toe Touches
70 Crunches

Vitamins Routine: 2 prenatal, 3 omega fish oil, 4 macas, 2 pueraria mirifica , 1 tablespoon.

It would be a good time for all my participating members to send in progress pictures ! I won't post them unless you say so. It's just for measure purposes to see if my system is working. I hope you guys have a wonderful week and I will be posting more juicy info this week !

Monday, April 1, 2013

Week 6 : Stretching & Resistance METABOLISM WEEK

Good Afternoon Bodies. I'm hoping all of you had a wonderful Easter Sunday!!!!! But in other news, welcome to Week 6 . It's about that time to get some good stretching and pulling this week.

Monday April 1,2013- Saturday April 6,2013 :
*20 Push-Ups
*60 Crunches 2x a day
*30 Backwards ankle weight lifts
*Pigeon Pose
*Butterfly Pose
*10 Side laying lifts with ankle-weight

Same vitamin routine from the previous week. Add Aguaje fruit powder to your dose as well.
To drink Water, WATER , WATER !!!
Hold that stretch until it hurts
Get some good rest
No late night snacking
Do a set of crunches before bed
Be Motivated and Stay Motivated
Try and add some jumping jacks or jogging this week !!!
Eat lean this week

It's warming up outside so lets start to get that sweat pouring. SUMMER is right around the corner !

Open for all of your questions! pirhanabby2011@gmail.com

- Love n Peace -