Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Launch Your Hair Journey ! Co-Wash to Revive

Hey Super Ladies . I wanted to start of by saying that I know I have been missing for awhile. However, we are going engage in a wonderful topic today. I was doing my typical YouTube viewing when I stumbled across a very interesting video. When I say that this one was an eye-catcher, I work as hard as possible to get her results.

One day when I was messaging my friend and we were talking about our hair. I told her how my current hair situation was and how brittle my hair was. She proceeded to tell me that she was started to co-wash her hair. I was so confused at first. She explained to me that it's safer for your hair. I did my own research on the topic because I was experiencing a lot of shedding. To find out, sulfates was the common factor among them all.

The wonderful world of sulfate! That little ingredient that allows you see the scuds while you lather, is hands down deceiving. I'm not saying this applies to all, but for the many of us that have horrible conditions with our hair in general. The sulfates once again allows the shampoo to lather into a rich bubbly solution but later on dries our hair .Why do you think you have to use conditioner immediately afterwords? The conditioner revives your hair follicles and adds moisture to the overall life of each strand.

This is what introduces the wonderful world of co-washing! Co-washing is the action of washing your hair with nothing but CONDITIONER. Now I know some of you are looking like "what", "ewwww" and even "how", but let me explain. Co-wash requires nothing but multiples massages of conditioner from scalp to the ends, rinse and repeat. You are just simply repeating the act of washing your hair until you feel how clean it actually is. You will see a difference with your overall hair as well. It allow it stay moist and hydrated which is the key element in hair-growth. It also allows that stripping power of shampoo to no longer be an enemy. The overall of idea of co-wash is powerful.

Now for all my sistahs, this is a break through. Believe me when I say I have struggled with hair growth. I was once in love with shampoos. I'm talking about wash, wash. wash, and WASH. I washed my hair so much it was ridiculous! Since, I have started co-washing, I will never be the same. I suggest this to everyone that comes across my path with the struggle of hair growth and is seeking improvement.

Simple steps to hair growth:

*Co-wash your hair 3 times a week (if your style permits)
*Moisturize,Moisturize and Moisturize !!!!!!!! (my favorite is virgin olive oil)
*Take a multi-vitamin
*Drink TONS of water
*Get those ends clipped
*PROTECTIVE STYLING (wigs and weave and avoid the heat!)

A couple drops of shampoo won't hurt to get that first wash nice and deep. The key is to stay hydrated. As in the health of your skin and body and even your hair. Drink water! Moisturize your skin and co-wash that hair. Just watch how long that hair starts to grow!!!!

My first video is definitely going to be my journey on hair growth!!! Stay tuned and SUBSCRIBE

- Kisses from Sade -

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