Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How To Widen The Hips: Naturally !

Good Morning My Bodies!

I would like to welcome you all to week three of our transformations. I'm doing good so far and I hope you guys are as well. Today, I'm going to be talking about the hips. Yes, those sexy little things that give your body the spice it deserve. Hips are one of the keys to a banging body! As you may have already figured this out, we're going to get the hips of our dreams.

I often like to refer to my favorite picture. You know, the one that I posted and said it gives me motivation. To refresh your memories, I'm talking the ebony goddess in the two-piece binkini:

Simply Gorgeous! Now as for the hips she has may already be natural for her, I want them. I'm going to work hard to get them too. Just imagine how those would make your clothes look on you? How small and defined the waistline is. How perfectly proportioned the hips are to the waist. That's what I want! But hey, I know I'm not the only one who wants them. So, that's where you guys come in at. I didn't forget about you guys!

This week, Week Three has added hip exercises to bring them on out. To get those hips we are going to need to work each and every hip muscle we have. That goes from the tiniest one, all the way to the biggest one itself. With that being said we are going to start doing alot of stretching and working hard on those areas as much as possible. Rumor has it that this can also come from having sex with a "blessed" partner. Try it out and see !

First, one you have to think of is the side lunges. They make all the difference in the world. I do mines without a bar , but only for the time being. Its nothing but starting off in the standing position, and stepping off to the side and fully bending your knee. While maintaining to keep your leg straight and out, you hold it for a hot second or two and extend up. Alternating from leg to leg until you do 10 stretches on each leg.

Or refer to:


Next, is the hip abductions. Feel the burn with these. Refer to another Nike Women video I found on YouTube. Here is hip abductions:


Along with these two. Add some side walking on a treadmill sometimes. These 3 will do you wonders believe me! I added stretching to it as well. I find alot of burn and visual results with these stretching exercises I came up with. One of them are called Maiden's.

The goal is to begin in a butterfly pose and and reach your head to your toes. Hold it for a good 10 seconds, relax and repeat that 3 times. Another one that I have had luck with is another yoga pose called the pigeon ( I believe that's the name). You begin with the stands she is in and you pull your head forward to lay it straight in line with the stretched out leg. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat for each leg 3 times.

I hope to make a video soon to show you guys just what I do to get my results. But in the meantime this is all I can do for you.

If you need help or you don't understand what I'm trying to say, email me or comment on this post. Anything you would like to add, Comment whatever that might be.

I'm wishing you guys a powerful and wonderful week. I will be adding my post week 2 up later on today or later on this week.

See you lovely ladies later!

-- Kisses from Sade --


  1. Do you have any before any before and after pics

  2. I am working on putting together a butt building workout for my blog and want it to widen those hips as well! Thanks for reminding me to include some side lunges :)

  3. Could you email my a copy of the whole body,hips and booty workout

  4. I’m using the butt bigger product which is booty wow from bootywow.com and they’re working pretty good.