Monday, February 25, 2013

Well, Hello there my fellow B.B.Dreamers and good morning on this beautiful Monday morning. I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. As you all my know , Today is the Day 1 of our first week. We are working on the big area this week ....THE STOMACH. The waistline is one of the key factors in making a gorgeous body. Working on that section alone can make the booty appear a bit bigger. We as a team don't just want an appearance of a bigger one, we WANT a bigger one overall.

This is me posting my beginning! I keep my word, that's one thing that I do do. I know how uncomfortable it can be for some but I can care less. Look at it as a start to making something better. Shape shifting something into a masterpiece. This is how it all begins for me, and I'm not afraid to shoe the skin I'm in (with respect). So, here we go. Full coverage shots of me before the missions. Photos were taken on February 24,2013.

Yikes, not that bad. I'm a bit over weight, yes I know. I picked up a couple pounds around Christmas. Over the time til now, my face has gotten fatter and I have lost my somewhat flat stomach. I actually have been trying to follow my plans but they always fail me because of no motivation. I stated that earlier because I'm not the only one who has this problem. This is not what I want for the summer and I'm going to work hard for what I want. Now, for the next following weeks, I'm going into grind mode. I would say a lot of cardio is needed, but a booty requires fat. In order for that to happen you must put on some to share it in your workouts.

We are going to get the plan in action ahead of time so we don't crash so soon. Doing that by slowly progressing into more complicated things and workouts. I for one, don't think what I have put together is so much complicated but I feel it goes up a notch week by week.

So there you have it. I posted my "odd" shaped body on the Internet. Am I ashamed? No. Do I care what anyone has to say? No. Do I need the options of others and what they about my body? Nope. Will I cry from a comment ? Not at all/ I'm women. I'm a child of God. No-one is perfect. I'm beautiful inside and out. My outer image is as equal to the loving image that I have within myself. I LOVE MYSELF. If you have that love for yourself as much as I also have for myself , then your a winner honey! Don't let no-one put you down . Wear that body like a sexy catwomen suit and strut. Believe me, someone will break their neck to see you trot.Just know this is the turning point to reshaping that clay into a coke-shape vase.......I just bottle doesn't fit this type of conversation.

Btw, I'm very aware of the hole under my arm lol.

Remember you can always email me with any questions you may have! I'm very social and open for any concerns you may have. In the meantime, Good luck and congrats on taking the move to a better you! Week 1 HERE WE COME

--Kisses from Sade--

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