Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Q&A :Why I use Maca?

Good Morning Bodies! One of the most frequently asked questions that I get is, why do you use maca? The reason I take Maca is quite simple. About a year ago, I did some reading about ways to make the butt big. One of the ways was taking Maca. I was skeptical about it of course but I said why not try it. Around the end of last year, I noticed that my butt had a jiggle to it! It was fuller at the bottom and I saw a difference. I believe I only got minimum results because I didn't work out along with taking them. I didn't take Pueraria Mirifica along with it. Another reason could be that I took them when I wanted to. That I can say, would be me taking 3 pills a week TOPS.

Well now for the last month, I have been on task. I take one before bed every night. The reason why I do that is because the maca helps to distribute hormones evenly and properly throughout the body. Maca itself isn't a hormone, it just regulates. I also take a pueraria mirifica (hormone) in the morning. That causes them to work hand in hand with one another. Take a hormone early, store the hormone later.

A little bit about Maca that many don't know. It's scientific term-o logy is Lepidium Meyenii. It is grown in Peru and in the high Andes of Boliva. Family to the turnips and radishes, grown under the soil and growing no more than 20 cm in length. They come and colors of gold, cream, red, and black. Each one contributing to something different but still being similar in their own ways. The root has also shown to help in sexual acts. By being an assistance to increase semen count, sperm performance and sexual libido in men. It's still safe for women to take it because it's contain no harmful hormones. You can't overdose from it. It has bare minimum risk to your health. You can't go wrong with that.

I'm quite addicted to it by choice, even though its an aphrodisiac. It for one gives me energy and makes me "ready". It has done that part for me even with me not taking it like I'm supposed to. It has been said to increase the size of your butt! I have seen results of my own along with others visuals progress. It's something to definitely try!

Also, I'm working on buying these items in the bulk to distribute them in extension to my other products. They are hard to find, not so much maca but Aguaje fruit powder and pueraria mirifica. I'm coming up with this product as we speak. Half the cost, 100% and 100% effective.

I'm glad I could chat with you guys, but in the meantime I'm getting prepared for this snow-storm.

I hope the Week 1 is part of routine this week.

Love you Bodies! Email me with questions. Subscribe and enjoy!

--Kisses from Sade--


  1. You can overdose on Maca with some side effects being serious including severe anxiety and depression, insomnia, indigestion, and the list goes on.

  2. How long did you take it before you noticed because it's been a month for me and my butt is no bigger.

  3. hi i also want a curvy body.can u plz tell me your diet and work out routine.and do u have an email id and u plz send so that i can ask u question through your email id.plz reply