Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Let's Talk About What The Blog What Made For

Happy Wednesday you guys! I'm starting off with a warm introduction to heating this page up a bit. I'm doing that by jumping straight into what needs to be talked about. I made this page solely on the basics of female enhancement. I wanted to share this with people seeing that it is a concern of many women that I know. Why not come together and brainstorm on it make and find a solution.

First things first. I want to talk about getting that dream body for the Summer of 2013. I know that it will take a lot more than 3 months to see the maximum results of course. Nothing comes easy when it comes with honest pleasure of course. I have the patience and open window to explore the various options of doing this the natural way.

We all are familiar the "quick-fixes". You know the ones that everyone hipped on. I'm talking about the butt-shots, the brazilian butt-lifts, fat transfers and even the implants. With all the health-risk that they bring, they are not guaranteed to be safe for our bodies in the long run. Not alone, the cost can be quite expensive. Who cares ? I care! Why even sit and risk with the various complications later. That's when I came across methods that were healthy to obtain a nice body.

Its natural and have many other benefits also.Benefits including but not limited to the following: Stronger nails, more radiant skin, heart health, proper distributions to hormones, and more curvier figure. Upon the many things I have tried, they nothing to do with a doctors office. They have nothing to do with shots and incisions. They are actually herbal supplements and a change of well-being. It works differently depending on who you are and your current body shape. Along with your current body FAT. Now, for me its not that easy as it should be. I write a plan and then later on I bag out because I get discouraged. That isn't the way I'm going to see successful results. That brings me the sole purpose of my blog. I wanted to collectively get others that have the same desperate interest in gaining that booty. It's nothing but one big support system !

Me personally, I envy a women with a nice shape body. Don't take that as me being unhappy with myself, because I still carry myself as if I had the body I admire. I just can;t the fact that they are just so damn blessed in the lower half of their body. I just stare sometimes, not like I can't help it but it's just like .....WOW. I thought for it was all a joke. That as I grew up into a young women, the hips and ass would just pop-up. I was wrong. I also thought that maybe once I became sexually active, that from deep penetration I would pop them right out into place. I was sadly disappointed with that one. I just had the recent thought that I can't gain those gifts until I bear a child. See, I'm not to open for that one just yet. What I'm trying to get out of this is that the frustration is real when it comes done the ways of getting what you always wanted.

Thanks to me being a web-junkie, I learned a few things about this subject. I seen and heard all kind of different approaches.To name a few:
*Aguaje Fruit Powder
*Omega-3 Fish Oil
*Pueraria Mirifica

I did research on how the following can affect the body. Some require exercise. Some require nothing at all. Some of them actually work in pairs and make a BIG difference. I gotta a couple regimens I do myself and I believe they will turn out just fine with dedication and motivation. If that's not enough, I often refer to this one picture I keep on my keep me pumping and going .......


Whatever it takes, I'm getting that body!!

Like for example: I take the Pueraria in the morning and I take a Maca at the end of the night. These are the ones that work in pairs. Seeing that one has a similiar hormone like female estrogen and one is a regulator. The Maca itself is not a hormone, but yet it helps to fuel the endocrine system. It has a set of nutrients that help glands promote hormone to disburse in ones' body evenly and correctly. The P.M is a similair herb, except it comes with hormones that need help to be disbursed more directly. That's, of course ,the reason why these two are taken together. Nice results thus far

I also own the Aguaje Fruit Powder. It is truly a good addition to the system I do. I would go into details but I'll save that part for another day of blogging.

Feel free to comment me questions and conversation regarding this & remember , don't be shy you guys.


  1. GLad I found your page .i am also wanting to do a body make over in the areas you are currently working on. I did have a question, you said you use Maca, Aguaje Fruit Powder, Omega-3 Fish Oil, Pueraria Mirifica... How much are you taking and where can you buy them from .. I already have fish oil and vitamin E.. But where can you buy the maca , aguaje and pueraria Mirifica that you use?

    1. Your working on body transformations, which makes it a plus that you found my page. You can actually get vitamins from any local vitamin store, but I get mines from various areas. I get my Maca from Vitamin World. My pueraria mirifica from a bid I won on ebay. I got my aguaje fruit powder from from a seller named Stacked. I have noticed that the cost of these are somewhat reasonable, but then again, they could be so much better. I take 1 pueraria, 1 prenatal, and 1 omega fish oil pill in the morning. Before I go to sleep everynight, I take 1 omega fish oil pill and 1 maca.

    2. THank you so much for the responds I found two sites that sell both maca and Aguaje for good prices phenomenalcurves and

  2. Hi, I bought the PM cream pills & spray, curcuma cumose to build and tighten muscles, calcium pills to take with PM. I want a body shape to but with all of these herbs will they work together? I don't have a regimen & I'm confused what do i really need to start off? Can i use what i have or do i need more?

  3. I planned on doing the PM spray on breast once in the morni g & a little cream on the breast. PM Cream also on the thighs & butt. 2 PM pills morning & night with a calcuim pill & curcoma cumoseso i really need help im so confused i need a plan & what right herbs to take? Please help me pick & choose a regimen plan & herbs to grow my body shape right