Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ive been gone for to long!

Long time no speak. Im on a slight setback so I haven't been here to speak ith you all. I will be back so dont worry.
My progress so far is subsiding. Im gaining a littl more extra weight. My jeans that I could once fit won't even go past my thighs. I was a size 8 and now im a size 13. I want to keep all my thighs seeing that I get a lot of compliments for my butt and thighs now. My newest discovery is that I pick up my weight in my stomach first.  With that being said, I have asked my boyfriend for help. We attend the gym faithfully now. I add a lot of walking and speed walking to my workout.  I personally eliminate the laying sit ups as much as possible. 
I have a breaking goal of losing 30 lbs by the week of May 24. I heard it won't be easy at but I work hard when I want something.  I have to attend the gym 4x minimum a week to come close to this.
I must say it times when I wanna quit but my motivation comes in handy. My boyfriend , that one special piece that pushes me to my limits. Yes I still expect to be babied and spoiled, but he let's me know that once we in the gym we are friends that push each other. I can respect that!  Its great to find a solid focus and support with one thing or somebody . Rather its a person, an outfit you admire, or just to prove yourself,  push and seek all you can to achieve to the fullest!
I hope you guys are okay and I haven't forgot about none of you guys just been busy.  I wanna hear some feedback from you guys today. Let's chat on discoveries and suggestions. Im all ears! Until then, see you guys later

Kisses Sade

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